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Northeastern Students travel to Standing Rock

Scotty Schenck | The Huntington News | Hard News

Northeastern student-activists, many of the same who protested the university's refusal to divest, rented a van and drove for over 32 hours to Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The group went to stand with water protectors to volunteer, assisting the Standing Rock Sioux while they protested the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which threatened sacred tribal land and their water supply.

Sun City Center couple's dance of life now moves to different rhythm

Scotty Schenck | Tampa Bay Times | Profile 

John Breslin, a World War II veteran, danced with his wife Rita for a number of years until she became ill with Peripheral Arterial Disease and lost her legs. Now, John still dances at his favorite restaurant in Sun City Center, Fla., but without his wife, who he visits twice every day in a nursing home. He's learning how to live again, but he always comes back to her.

Northeastern community pushes back on Islamophobia

Scotty Schenck | The Huntington News | Enterprise Story

After 9/11, Americans saw a spike in anti-Islamic hate crimes, a viscous backlash to the terrorist attacks. Public spaces such as parks and airports, workplaces and even college campuses were platforms for violence against what people believed was a representation of radicalism and hate. Americans became familiar with the phrase radical Muslim, but it took longer for another to catch on: Islamophobia, the dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims. Now more than ever, after the tragedy in Paris last month college administrators and student groups are trying to protect their Muslim students from hatred and discrimination.

Group fights against 2024 Boston Olympics

Scotty Schenck | The Huntington News | Hard News

The Olympic games considered for Boston were not without reproach, coming mainly from one group, known as the No Boston Olympics. The Huntington News followed through and investigated the possible positive and negative aspects of hosting. The Boston bid has since been eliminated from the United States Olympic Committees's list of possibilities.

Education Turned Upside Down

Scotty Schenck | Spartan News Network |  Hard News

An in-depth look into the future of education, involving one-to-one computer initiatives, project-based learning and revamped styles of teaching at Lakewood High School in Pinellas County, Florida. 

Living through the loss

Scotty Schenck | Spartan News Network | Profile Series

The students at Lakewood High School are like any else. Some learn, some play, some have gone through tremendous loss at a young age, such as a handful who have had a parent die. The Spartan News Network interviewed them, asking them how they have been living through the loss.

The Frewin, the proud

Scotty Schenck | Spartan News Network | Profile 

Physics teacher Ryan Frewin teaches at the Lakewood High School technology magnet program, the Center for Advanced Technologies. He brings his quirky and unique style to help students learn.