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Robot makes medicine easier pill to swallow

A robot developed by the company MTS in St. Petersburg, Fla. aims at automating the process of filling prescription medicine into "blister packs," a new way of receiving medicine in an organized calendar format.

Tampa fire kills 3, leaves another in critical condition

A fire in Tampa killed three people, including two children, Reshard Ashley, 8, and Emjay Jackson, 3. Romello Jackson, 8, was in critical condition on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Bass Pro Shops grand opening

Thousands of people came to the opening of a Bass Pro Shops store in Brandon, Fla. to much fanfare on July 29. The opening ceremony even had the founder, Johnny Morris. The store soon flooded with the people and was packed for hours that night.

Comic Con coverage

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 saw the first year of featured cosplay guests, where the convention brought in professionals who are popular for their costumes of characters. The Tampa Bay Times followed Leaping Lizard Cosplay through her day on Saturday, Aug. 1 as she prepared for the craziness that it Comic Con.

Comic Con time lapse

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 is the first year the convention will feature cosplay guests. The Tampa Bay Times visited two of those guests, showing how they prepare some of their favorite costumes, featuring Dahlia Thomas and Jezzabell Gem.